1. Attend and Chair the following meetings whenever possible:
    County Committee Meeting, Structure Meeting, AGM, NGN meetings for governors
  2. To communicate and liaise for and on behalf of the NGN
  3. Attend the National Governors' Association AGM and conferences - or send a representative.
  4. Attend all meetings or Conferences where the presence of the NGN's Chair is requested (or send a representative).
  5. Prepare report for AGM
  6. Maintain "watching brief" on the requirements as stated in the "Year Plan".
  7. Take responsibility for NGN representation as required at designated Loacl Authority and other meetings and ad-hoc gatherings. To ensure attendees report back to NGN County Committee.
  8. Ensure NGN responds to consultation documents as appropriate.
  9. Look for opportunities to promote the work of governors in Norfolk.
  10. Ensure proper framework for dialogue between Children's Services and governors within the county.
  11. Promote a close working relationship with Governor Services.
  12. Have editorial control over content of website and correspondence with governing bodies.




Revised 14.12.2010