1. Keep financial "Books" of NGN
  2. Hold NGN chequebook and "paying in" book. Make sure that Bank mandate is up to date.
  3. Whenever possible, attend all County Committee meetings, the Structure meetings and NGN meetings for governors..
  4. Arrange annual Audit of the NGN Financial Books at the end of March.
  5. Prepare statement of current funds etc for AGM and County Committee meetings
  6. Pay Clerk's honorarium.
  7. Pay Clerk's and County Committee members expenses.
  8. Book refreshments for meetings as required 
  9. Pay bills incurred in the running of the NGN including subscription of the National Governors' Association.
  10.  Produce, in consultation with the chair and other County Committee members as appropriate an annual budget for approval by the County Committee.

Revised 12.03.2009