Aims and Targets for the 2014


  • to provide an informed and influential voice for governors in Norfolk so as to ensure their needs and views are fully understood and considered by policy makers at local and national level
  • to provide all school governors with help and support in meeting the challenges and responsibilities involved in being a governor.




In 2014 it will achieve these aims by:-


  • its management committee (the County Committee) maintains no less than its minimum membership of 25 and that it is drawn from governors from across the County
  • the needs and views of governors are:-
  1. represented at relevant working groups and Forums convened by Norfolk Children’s Services and at meetings with senior officers and other agencies
  2. submitted in response to relevant DfE / Local Authority / National Governors’ Association consultations
  • relevant information to inform and assist governors and to seek their views, is available through:-
  1. the NGN website - which contains important links to national and local websites
  2. the NGN Newsletter
  3. its twice yearly meetings of governors
  4. direct written communications with governors
  • that it works in close association with Norfolk Governor Services to assist it as appropriate to fulfil its purpose ‘to support and advise governors on all aspects of governance.’
  • that it has an influential voice on governance and leadership in the county, especially with those charged with responsibility for these in the County Council's arrangements

In 2014 particular emphasis will be given to:-

  • Working in close conjunction with Governor Services to ensure that a high quality of support is provided for governors in Norfolk and to further develop complementary ways of working to deliver this
  • Developing an increased understanding of governance of clusters throughout the county and spreading good practice
  • Continuing to develop communication and interaction with chairs of governors in Norfolk and increase the number of governors with whom we communicate regularly
  • Responding to the needs of governors of academies and other non-maintained state schools
  • Working with Children's Services to develop support from experienced governors in Norfolk to governing bodies of schools facing demanding challenges
  • Provide support and challenge to the Local Authority on its key strategies for school improvement - "A Good School for Every Norfolk Leaner" and "Norfolk to Good and Great" - ensuring governors play an active and commensurate role

Monitoring the targets:-

To ensure the targets are met the County Committee shall be responsible for monitoring progress at each of its meetings by taking feedback from members or receiving reports which:-

  • Confirm the numbers and county-wide representation (including academy governors) on the County Committee
  • Confirm that NGN representatives have attended relevant meetings and have reported back on outcomes and issues arising
  • List relevant consultations and confirm the NGN responses
  • Demonstrate that relevant updates to the NGN website have been made
  • Review the content of NGN News
  • Consider the effectiveness and response to the twice yearly meetings for governors
  • Review the content and any responses to written communications with governors
  • Detail and consider the outcomes of work undertaken with Norfolk Governor Services

Where as a result of considering such reports the County Committee is not satisfied that any of the targets will be achieved it shall take appropriate action to rectify this.

The County Committee shall publish to its members and other interested parties a report each year which demonstrates the level of success in achieving the targets


Adopted by County Committee 22.01.2014