The National Governors` Council (NGC) was launched in 1994.

There was an inaugural meeting on July 5th 1995, for all Norfolk governors. Jack Moorish who was the Vice-Chair of the NGC spoke about the NGC and how to form an affiliated association. In Norfolk there had already been valuable collaborative working meetings involving governors at school cluster level and the opportunity was taken to extend support for governors countrywide through the establishment  of an affiliated association. A steering group was formed from that meeting.

The Norfolk Governors' Network (NGN) was launched on December 9th 1995.

  • County Officers were elected and Area Representatives were chosen

  • All schools in Norfolk were invited to become members at a cost of £25 per school

  • Termly Newsletters were established

  • The first County Annual meeting in November 1996 developed into a conference The NGN is administered by governors from all areas of Norfolk elected at each Annual General Meeting to form the County Committee, which meets once per term usually in Norwich 

    Area meetings were held around Norfolk.

In March 1999 the NGN was reorganised. Sub-committees were formed and Area meetings were abandoned in favour of Forums to be held in Norwich.

In September 1999 the NGN website was established.

In the Autumn Term 2000 LEA meetings with governors were inaugurated. There were 15 meetings a year around Norfolk chaired by NGN County Committee members with LEA Officers and Councillors in attendance.

From 2001 NGN has been invited to meet regularly with LEA Officers to discuss strategies, topical issues, changes to policy and procedure and new initiatives.

In September 2001 membership of the NGN was extended to all Norfolk Schools, with the costs of running the NGN met by a direct grant from the Local Authority.

During 2002 NGN representation on LEA working groups increased considerably.

For the academic year 2002-2003 the areas for LEA meetings with governors were changed from 15 to 13

In February 2005 the Norfolk Education Department became part of Children's Services which continued to fund the NGN.

During 2005 the five Children's Services areas of Norfolk were established and twice yearly "Governors and Children's Services Meetings" were set up in each of the areas to replace the LEA meetings with governors.

In February 2006 the NGC merged with the National Association of School Governors to form the National Governors' Association (NGA). The NGN is a Local Governor Association Member of the NGA. 

In May 2006 the NGN consulted with governing bodies to formulate procedures for electing governor representatives to the Norfolk Schools Forum; these procedures were implemented from September 2006

In 2007 Children's Services set up Area Children and Young People's Partnerships (known as Area Partnerships) in each of the five Children's Services Areas. It was agreed that governor representatives would be involved. Initially this will be 3 governors of whom 2 will be parent governors (to represent the views of parents and carers), and one will be an NGN nominated representative. NGN took on the responsibility for overseeing elections for Parent Governors to the Area Partnerships and nominating NGN representatives. The Area Partnerships were abandoned in 2010.

In October 2008 NGN launched a new website, which provides more clarity and ease of navigation, including a search facility.

In 2008/09 the "Governor and Children's Services Meetings" set up in 2005 were stopped. NGN and Governor Services held two joint conferences, in Norwich in November 2008 and in King's Lynn in February 2009.

In 2009 NGN started sending "NGN News" electronically to governing bodies via the school's email address which allowed it to be issued as required. Governors were also given the opportunity to register to receive "NGN News" directly to their email addresses.

In June 2010 Norfolk Children's Services and NGN co-hosted the first Norfolk Governors' Awards ceremony to recognise outstanding service by governors and clerks in Norfolk.

In November 2010 Children's Service launched a new HR service for schools delivered through the County Council's Corporate HR Structure. NGN provided representatives to serve on a steering group which had responsibility for defining the service specification and standards for the new service and for putting in place arrangements which will ensure that schools and governors are actively engaged in monitoring its performance both at operational and strategic level.

In 2012 the Chair of NGN was on one of the interview panels in the appointment process for the Assistant Director of Children’s Services.

In 2012 changes were made to the membership of the Norfolk Schools Forum with the introduction of an Academy Governor member. NGN agreed to oversee the election procedures for an Academy Governor member to be in place for 1 September 2012.