1. Name
    1. The name of the association is the Norfolk Governors' Network, referred to in these rules as the NGN.


  2. Principles
    1. The NGN will facilitate consultation among governing bodies of schools in Norfolk.
    2. The NGN's concern shall be with matters directly affecting school governing bodies in their responsibilities. It will be independent and not party political.
    3. The NGN will provide a channel for collective communication with the Local Authority: for consultation and negotiation with it, and representation to it, about the interests of governing bodies of schools maintained and served by it.
    4. The NGN will seek to maintain constructive relations with organisations representative of head teachers and other school staff, parents, students and colleges or other public providers of education in Norfolk.
    5. The NGN will seek to maintain active participation in the National Governors' Association.
    6. The NGN will seek (directly or through other organisations) to influence the central government, particularly the Department for Education and related agencies.
    7. The NGN will aim in its activities to be representative of the various categories of Norfolk schools.


  3. Membership
    1. Any governing body of a school in Norfolk which is covered by the Local Authority's annual grant to the NGN shall be a member of the NGN.
    2. If the NGN is wound up, the net assets shall be divided equally among current members.


  4. Annual General Meeting and Forums
    1. At least one County-wide meeting (hereafter referred to as the Forum) shall be held each year in the autumn term and shall be the NGN Annual General Meeting (AGM) (if this is not called as a special meeting). Further Forums shall be called whenever the County Committee so decides.
    2. Each member governing body shall be entitled to send all its current members to a Forum, but only one of these shall have voting rights in the event of any formal decisions made at the Forum.


  5. NGN County Committee
    1. The NGN will be managed by a County Committee made up of Norfolk governors from each of the Children's Services geographical areas.
    2. The County Committee will direct the work of the NGN subject to any requirements approved at Forums or the AGM.
    3. The County Committee shall report annually on its conduct of NGN business to the AGM, and shall seek to inform and consult member governing bodies on a regular basis in other available ways


  6. Election of Representatives to the County Committee
    1. The County Committee will be made up of 30 governor representatives (rounded up if necessary) with an equal number from each of the Children's Services geographical areas. In addition governor representatives can be co-opted with the stipulation that the maximum number of committee members does not exceed 40.
    2. At each NGN AGM Meeting, representatives shall be elected to the County Committee to fill any vacancies. Representatives may be elected in their absence, provided they have indicated their willingness to stand, by either nomination or self-nomination.
    3. Governor representatives can be elected from each of the Children's Services geographical areas. Governing bodies can only vote for representatives in their area.
    4. Additional governor representatives can be appointed to fill any vacancies for elected representatives at a County Committee Meeting.
    5. The elected representatives present at a County Committee Meeting may co-opt additional full or non-voting committee members, provided co-opted members do not exceed one-third of the potential number of representatives. Co-options shall be made having regard to the desirability of the Committee's overall membership being representative of all kinds of Norfolk schools or for strengthening the overall effectiveness of NGN activity.
    6. Subject to their remaining school governors, the term of office of representatives shall be two years.


  7. County Committee Meetings
    1. A County Committee Meeting will take place at least once in each school term to manage the work of the NGN.
    2. At its first meeting following the AGM, and before considering co-options, the County Committee shall elect, from among its representative members, a Chair. No-one may serve in this office for more than four years continuously, unless no other representative is willing to stand, nor if they cease to be school governors. For the election of Chair, the appointed or acting clerk for the meeting shall take the chair during this part of the meeting. The clerk does not have a vote or a casting vote. If the election is contested it must be held by secret ballot. Any governor representative standing for election must withdraw and not vote. The clerk must ensure that all governor representatives are invited to nominate themselves for the post of Chair and include on the agenda for the meeting at which the post is to be filled, a list of those standing for election. If no names are listed on the agenda, governor representatives can offer themselves for election at the meeting itself. An elected Chair may resign at any time by giving written notice to the clerk.
    3. At its first meeting following the AGM, the County Committee shall appoint a Treasurer. The County Committee shall also, at any time, appoint such other honorary officers, and Committee members to other offices, which it requires, including representatives to other bodies and conferences. The duties of representatives and of any sub committees established shall be allotted by the County Committee.
    4. At its first meeting following the AGM, the County Committee shall appoint two Vice Chairs of the NGN, these may be chairs of a sub committee, and where the Chair is absent one of these Vice Chairs shall chair meetings of the County Committee and take on other such duties as are necessary in the absence of the Chair.
    5. The County Committee shall adopt standing orders to regulate the conduct of its own work, including the sub-committees, and that of Forums. Their adoption and amendment shall require the support of two-thirds of those voting. A proper, notified resolution of a Forum may vary any standing order applying to Forums, provided these rules are respected.
    6. The County Committee shall regulate the finances of the NGN, set and manage its budget, and present audited accounts annually.


  8. Rule Amendment
    1. These rules may be amended by proper, notified resolution at the AGM. Their amendment shall require the support of two-thirds of those voting.


  9. Notices
    1. A notice with an agenda of each Forum and AGM shall be sent to all schools at least three weeks before the meetings take place or publicised using the Local Authority's established method of communicating with governors.


Adopted at Norfolk Governors' Network Annual General Meeting 09.11.2013