This protocol defines the relationship between Norfolk County Council's Children's Services and the Norfolk Governors' Network.


The Norfolk Governors' Network (NGN) meets the need to maintain effective consultation and collaboration between Children's Services' officers and school governors in developing and promoting policies and good practice in Norfolk schools.

The NGN is concerned only with matters directly affecting a school's governing body's responsibilities. It is independent and not party political.

The NGN will

  • provide a channel for collective communication with Children's Services concerning the promotion of high standards of educational achievement and the five outcome areas for every child
  • support Children's Services in the development of an effective school governor recruitment strategy
  • work in partnership with Children's Services to promote items of interest to governors
  • work in partnership with Children's Services to raise the profile of the respective roles of Children's Services and the NGN
  • work in partnership with Children's Services to raise the standards of governance across schools in Norfolk in order to promote high standards of provision in Norfolk's schools

The NGN is funded by Children's Services to cover the costs of the annual fee for membership of the National Governors' Association, the reimbursement of expenses (for travel, subsistence and childcare) incurred and claimed by governors acting on behalf of the NGN, and general administration, including photocopying, printing and postage.

The NGN operates through an elected County Committee.

Terms of Reference

The objective of the County Committee is to provide the principal means of consultation between Norfolk County Council Children's Services and the governors of Norfolk schools.

  1. To provide advice, support and challenge to Children's Services in its strategic role, with particular reference to the promotion of school improvement, and to the views and concerns of governing bodies of Norfolk schools.
  2. To support Children's Services in interpreting and implementing governing body legislation, and other advice and guidance from government and national bodies.
  3. To provide governor representatives to Norfolk Schools Forum and its working groups to work with Children's Services to ensure equitable distribution of school funding in Norfolk.
  4. To advise Children's Services on the services schools require, and to participate in the monitoring and developing of services provided by or through Children's Services.
  5. To promote and support governor training and to advise on the development, content and format of school governor training activities; to assist with the evaluation of governor training activities; to assist with the evaluation of governor training; to promote and share good practice and to commission relevant guidance for governors.
  6. To provide representation from school governing bodies to Children's Services committees and working or reference groups.

Working arrangements and this protocol will be reviewed every twelve months. The next review date is January 2014.

Signed: Chair of Norfolk Governors' Network
Director of Children's Services
… Stephen Adamson
… Lisa Christensen
Date 20.03.2013