1. Structure Sub-Committee
To recommend to the County Committee how the structure and organisation of the NGN should operate and to implement the County Committee's decisions within that remit.
To ensure that the NGN's finances are effectively monitored, its communication systems are effectively developed, and its Forums and Annual General Meeting (AGM) are properly planned and conducted.

2. Communications Sub-Committee

To meet at least once a term to further develop NGN means of communications and to
*   support the Chair of the Communications Sub-Committee in the preparation and dissemination of communications to members
*   ascertain as far as possible the views of NGN members on issues affecting all governors in Norfolk
*   organise conferences, whether soley NGN or in conjunction with other parties such as Norfolk Children's Services
*   formulate responses to Norfolk County Council comsultations

3. Schools Sub-Committee

To meet the Deputy Director of Children's Services and appropriate Officers on a termly basis to discuss issues relating to schools e.g. standards, funding schemes, pupil place planning, school organisation, school admissions, ICT, gifted and talented strategy, links with DfES and Ofsted and support for traveller children and those with English as an additional language.

4. NGN / GS Liaison Sub-Committee

To meet the Lead Manager of Norfolk Governor Services and appropriate Officers on a termly basis. To work in close conjunction with Governor Services to ensure that a high quality of support is provided for governors in Norfolk and to further develop complementary ways of working to deliver this.


The responsibilities of the Chairs of the sub-committees are:

  1. To lead the meeting.
  2. To arrange dates for their sub-committee meetings in accordance with 10.3 Standing Orders for Sub-Committees and inform the committee members, NGN Chair and Clerk.
  3. To produce the agenda and liaise with the Children's Services Officer (where appropriate).
  4. To ensure agenda is with all relevant parties a week before the meeting is to take place.
  5. To contact all County Committee members and school governor contacts (where appropriate) for any issues they would like bringing forward at the meeting three weeks prior to the meeting.
  6. To assign each item on the agenda to a particular committee member who is to attend the meeting.
  7. To appoint a substitute if they cannot attend a meeting; this will be the Vice Chair if available.
  8. To ensure minutes of their sub-committee meetings are available; see 4.2 Reporting Procedures.
  9. To inform the Clerk of any changes to the above.
  10. To attend the following meetings, whenever possible:
    County Committee, Structure Sub-Committee, NGN AGM, Forums and chair their sub-committee meetings.

Adopted by County Committee 23.01.2013