As a school governor in Norfolk, you probably find yourself using the Internet more and more for governor work.  If so, you might want to add your support to the 'Say Yes to Better Broadband' campaign which the EDP is running in partnership with Norfolk County Council and encourage other governors, staff and parents at your school to do likewise.

The project aims to bring superfast 30Mbps broadband to 90% of the county, and a minimum 2Mbps for everyone. At a stroke, it could overturn one of the biggest obstacles facing many of our isolated communities and schools today.

This will only happen with the right amount of private investment. The campaign asks everyone to register their interest in seeing this new network provided. This will take no more than two minutes of your time and will commit you to absolutely nothing. The process collects basic information for statistical purposes, and you can tick the opt-out box at the end if you would prefer this data not to be shared with ISPs.

To support the campaign simply go to :