Norfolk Governor Services and Norfolk Governors’ Network

Liaison Meeting

Remit: Termly meetings between members of Norfolk Governor Services and members of the NGN County Committee to liaise about joint working and other issues. For more information please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Notes from meeting on 11th November 2009 at the Professional Development Centre, Norwich


Present: Governor Services - Sue Platt

NGN -  Judy Leggett ( for Stephen Adamson), Peter Hart, Mike Grimble and Martin Sale



1. Previous meeting – The notes of the meeting held on the 9th June 2009 were agreed as accurate


2. Matters arising - SP agreed to check that questions and answers arising from the ‘Leading from the Front Conference’ had been posted on the Governor Services website.

SP is seeking support from her line manager to provide GEL online training to Norfolk governors. The cost to governing bodies would be £1 per governor. MS agreed to raise this at Schools Committee.

SP advised that the first meeting of the new Governor Service Reference Group (to be known as the Governor Service User Group) had been postponed until early January. MS advised that NGN had not been advised of this. SP agreed to ensure that NGN received an invitation to the first meeting at which the Group’s terms of reference would be discussed.

MS confirmed that the NGN AGM and Conference had been arranged for the 21st November and would include presentations on ‘Getting the best from SIPs’ and ‘Ofsted’s expectations in relation to school safeguarding procedures’.

Concerns were expressed that the paper on cluster governance had still not been circulated to governing bodies. NGN was pursuing this with the Deputy Director of Children’s Services.


3. Joint Conference 2010

A working title for this conference was agreed i.e. ‘Working towards the 21st Century School’. The outline programme would be:

1) Director/Deputy Director of Children’s Services opening the conference outlining the proposals contained in the White Paper and identifying the implications for governors in Norfolk in particular the need for greater collaboration between governing bodies

2) Presentations by Headteachers who have been involved in partnership/federations detailing the benefits and identifying the challenges in establishing these

3) Through workshops governors would be asked to:

  • Consider the implications of the White Paper
  • Share their experiences of collaborative working
  • Identify the current leadership and management challenges for small schools/delivering 14 to 19 education

The conference would be held at 2 venues:-
Norwich PDC on the 13th March and King’s Lynn PDC on the 26th March 2010 {Note 1}

SP would provide the refreshments from her budget but may ask NGN to make a contribution to cover coffee and teas.

SP to draw up a detailed programme and share with NGN asap

SP would invite speakers and confirm their availability asap 

NGN offered to assist with any administration for the conference

{Note 1 – After the meeting SP advised that the 26th March is not convenient for Director/Deputy Director to attend an alternative date is being sought}


4. Governors’ Expenses

NGN agreed to give publicity in its next newsletter to encourage governing bodies to adopt expenses policies so as to ensure that governors were not out of pocket when attending governors’ meetings and training events



5. Child Protection/Safeguarding

SP explained the current pressures on Children’s Services staff in relation to this and emphasised how important it was for governors and headteachers to ensure that school policies and procedures were in place and effective.


6. Governing bodies dealing with appeals etc

SP explained that from time to time Governor Services were asked to assist when governing bodies had difficulties in providing sufficient governors for appeals etc. The DCSF had sanctioned governors from other governing bodies being involved but only where partnership arrangements existed between the schools. Where this was not possible the governing body in question had been asked to consider appointing additional community governors who would serve for a short time to consider the appeal. SP asked if NGN County Committee members would be willing to make themselves available for such appointments. MS agreed to ask CC members.

It was felt that NGA might wish to consider this issue with a view to seeking a change of the rules so as to allow governors from other governing bodies to consider such issues. JL agreed to take this up through NGA


7. Finance Training

SP advised that the Governor Services website now contained finance training materials for governors’ use


8. Next meeting – Subject to confirmation by SP this would be held at the Norwich Professional Development Centre at 9.30 am on the 10th February 2010