What is the National Governors' Association?

 The NGA is an independent, non-political organisation. It is recognised as the VOICE of the Nation's governing bodies. The NGN is a Local Governor Association Member of the NGA and communicates with it; therefore Norfolk Governors` VOICES can also be heard by the DCSF and the Government.

Representatives from the NGN attend national and regional National Governors' Association meetings:
Click here for details of NGA meetings and events. NGA Events.

The NGA is a registered charity, established for general public benefit but in particular to improve the educational welfare of children by promoting high standards in schools, and raising the effectiveness of governing bodies. 

NGA will promote high standards of governance and will be a powerful, responsive voice to represent the views of these essential education stakeholders.

Contact Details

National Governors' Association
2nd Floor SBQ1
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Website: www.nga.org.uk

Tel: 0121-643-5787
Fax: 0121-633-7141
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