1. The composition of the Norfolk Schools Forum is set out in the full document

2. There will be no need to hold an election (i.e. no ballot will be needed) if the number of nominations received are equal to, or less than, the number of vacancies.

3. The elected governor(s) will serve for a term of four years from 1st January.

4. An elected governor may resign from the Schools Forum at any time during their period of office.

5. An elected governor must resign from the Schools Forum when they cease being a governor.

6. Governors who have been members of the Schools Forum can stand for re election.

7. No more than one governor can be elected to the Schools Forum from the same governing body.

8. Each governor shall be entitled to return one ballot paper.

9. Only governors from primary schools are eligible to vote for primary governor representatives.

10. Only governors from secondary schools are eligible to vote for secondary governor representatives.

11. Only governors from Academies are eligible to vote for Academy governor representatives.

12. If a governor representative is needed for Special Schools the election procedure will be followed involving only the governors at Special Schools.

13. Each governor shall be entitled to vote for as many candidates as there are vacancies in the election. No arrangement shall be made for proxy voting.

14. Each ballot paper must be returned by the date and time fixed by the NGN Network Structure Sub-Committee, either via email or by post, following the rules detailed. The ballot papers will remain in a secure place until the count commences.

15. The results of the election will be published via e-courier and will appear on the NGN and Local Authority websites for a period of 14 days from the "date of the election". During this period any candidate may object to the result of the election. Any such objection must be in writing and must state the grounds upon which the objection is made. Objections shall be addressed to the Chair of the NGN County Committee who will refer them to the Election Sub-Committee established under this procedure.